The Story Behind the Creation of Johnny's Memorials.

I had a big pure white male cat named, Johnny. Johnny was a lovable character and just the greatest cat. Like many pet owners I had a real pal and valued him like a close friend.

At times he had this quirky habit where he thought he was a dog. He weighed close to twenty pounds and carried himself with regal pride.  He loved to go for walks. No matter where he was or what he was doing in the house if he heard the slightest rattle of his leash he got very excited. Pouring out a chorus of meows until he knew his demands were met. He then would stand still until his collar was secured on him. Imagine a twenty pound cat walking down the sidewalk just like he was a dog, perfectly happy stopping every now and then to smell the roses. If I called him, he would come to me from any place even if he were outside or anywhere in the house. When I would arrive home he would start meowing then greet me at the door with his tail wagging. The neighborhood kids loved him and often came to my door asking if they could the play with Johnny.

About two and half years ago I was preparing to move to Prague in the Republic of Czech.  I'm a bronze sculptor and had received a large commission that I had decided to create the original master in Prague. Prague is often referred to as The Paris of the Twenty First Century, an inspirational city to artists from all over the world.  At that time, Johnny was in poor health. I believe he sensed that I was leaving him and he died.

Anyone who has had a loving pet like Johnny feels a genuine loss. Their relationship transcends an owner/ pet connection. It feels more like the lost of a friend.

I was at a loss. I did not know what to do for him. I did not want to bury him in the backyard or place him in a dumpster; he certainly deserved much more than that, as he had brought me so much pleasure with his marvelous personality and loyalty. After speaking with friends regarding what to do with Johnny, an old friend suggested that I have him cremated. I took him to a very caring crematoria where his ashes were returned to me in a small tin can. At the time I decided I would create a bronze sculpture of him and place his ashes into it and seal it. Thus creating an artistic sculpture that also was practical. I was not concerned with creating a proper memorial for Johnny as I have created over two hundred (200) sculptures, with several being life size. (which can be seen at   My problem was I could not bring myself to do the sculpture, it was still too emotional.

Two and half years later I mentioned to a friend about my idea to do this bronze memorial for Johnny and she said it was a great idea. She understood that many people value their pets in the same manner and who would like to have an eternal memorial that is also is an art piece. I again mentioned the idea to other friends.  They all thought it was a great idea. It fills a real need to memorialize their beloved ones with a beautiful object of art that expresses their appreciation of their time spent together. Finally my son was visiting me over Christmas and I told him of the idea.  His response, " Dad, it is a great idea and it is time to do it. I'll help". Thus, Johnny's Memorials were born.