Ed Colarik’s Patrick Gilmore’s Civil War Band:  To commemorate the contributions of perhaps the most unsung group of the Civil War; Ed Colarik has created "The Patrick Gilmore’s Civil Band" who’s composition of "When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again" is one of the famous songs in Americana. The Civil War bands literally marched the soldiers off to war, entertained them in camp, rallied them in battle and then marched them home again.

MORE THEN A MUSIC BOX:  The Americus Brass Band has professionally recorded four great American songs exclusively for Ed Colarik’s Patrick Gilmore’s Civil War Band: The four songs are "When Johnny Comes Marching Home Again", "Bonnie Blue Flag", Battle Hymn of the Republic", and "Red, White, & Blue" You can now hear these great songs from American’s foremost re-enactment Civil War Band, "Americus Brass Band" . The music is  played  with the actual "Over the Shoulder Horns".  Press a button and Ed Colarik’s Patrick Gilmore’s Civil War Band comes alive with authentic Civil War era music

Historically Accurate:  With great attention to detail and historically accurate, the artist captures the Patrick Gilmore’s Civil War Band in concert. The Civil War Bands features the "Over the Shoulder Musical Horns" which were unique to the American Civil War era. The over the shoulder instruments were created so the troops marching behind the band could hear the music. When the over the shoulder instruments were played in concert the band played in a semi-circle. If you look at the Victorian music stands with a magnifier, one can actually see the ‘notes" to the song "When Johnny Comes Marching Home" in miniature. The uniforms are representive of those worn in concert.  The uniform was styled in a navy frock coat, with a gold trim braid across the chest, a red pant, and a dress shako hats with red and white plumes.

Patrick S. Gilmore: Patrick S. Gilmore, Irish born, became one of Boston’s top Cornet players. At the beginning of the Civil War in 1861, he had the best  known band in Boston.  When the war ended he was the best known Civil War band leader in the country..

Limited Edition Musical Set:   Each musician is singularly hand cast of the highest quality pewter. The figures are delicately and accurately hand painted, signed and dated by the artist Ed Colarik. The musical sets are limited to1,000 sets and include a Limited Edition Certificate. This is an outstanding opportunity to acquire a dramatic collection of American art, history and music. The collection will bring continuing pleasure of appreciation. The figure is 54mm scale (2.25")

You receive the following:  53 Pieces To Include 20 Pewter Musicians; 16 Victorian Pewter Chairs;  17 Victorian Pewter Music Stands; 4 Great American Songs by Americus Brass Band       1 Tape Player    Total         $500   

(Optional)   15" x 12" Mirrored Glass Wood Trimmed Display Case